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FutureCaptains is a pioneer in career building, career growth and career changes.Career mapping and choosing the best suited subjects need an in-depth analysis of the person's aptitude and attitude. They cannot be based upon mere likes or pressures. A wrongly chosen profession can scar a person's confidence and esteem for the rest of their life. We assist you in career exploration, job analysis and in building pathways of study. Pandemic has redefined "jobs and job security". FutureCaptains ensures that career selection is hinged upon overcoming such changing scenarios and global challenges. Our well-researched strategic approach helps you wade through the red ocean of competition and create a successful and stable career. Career advisors at FutureCaptains will chart out a tailor made career path for you based on your unique talents and strengths.


Tamilselvan Mahalingam



Gomathy Tamilselvan

M Com