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Greetings from Aruvi Solar Enterprises Private Limited !! We Aruvi Solar Enterprises is fastest-growing Solar Power/e-mobility/Energy Storage Solution & Fire Extinguisher’s Start up company based on Chennai Tamilnadu. Solar energy is used worldwide and is increasingly popular for generating electricity or heating and desalinating water. Solar power is generated in two main ways: Today, PV is one of the fastest-growing renewable energy technologies, and is ready to play a major role in the future global electricity generation mix. Electromobility is the use of electric cars, as well as e-bikes or pedelecs, electric motorbikes, e-buses and e-trucks. The common feature of all of them is that they are fully or partly driven electrically, have a means of storing energy on board, and obtain their energy mainly from the power grid. Electric cars are quiet, efficient and low-emission and have mainly been used to date in cities, where they’re ideal for delivery services, taxis and car sharing. Energy storageis a dominant factor in renewable energy plants. It can mitigate power variations, enhances the system flexibility, and enables the storage and dispatching of the electricity generated by variable renewable energy sources such as wind and solar. Fire Extinguisher is a metal cylinder which contains water or chemicals at high pressure which can put out fires. We would like to thank you for the opportunity and assuring you the best of services always.