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Kaizen Secure Voiz has been in business since 2017 and serves numerous customers both from the KSV Cloud as well as customer data centers. One of the underlying reasons for our successful deployments is our proprietary technology, fully owned and developed by KSV based on real-world experience in the field prior to the founding of the company. Implementing a proactive customer care platform is never a perfect science. It cannot be 100% or even 99% accurate. But with a flexible and tunable platform developed and supported by people with real-world experience in the field, KSV’s hosted CIMP delivers a compelling ROI in standard telephony or mobile environments while at the same time offering convenience for end-users. KSV Products S.No KSV Products 1 Voice Biometrics 2 Voice Analytics(Gender & Age Estimation) 3 Speech Analytics(Keyword Spotting, Language Identification, Accent Identification) 4 IVRS(On Premise and on Cloud) 5 Contact Centre(On Premise and On Cloud) 6 Conversational Voice AI KSV Patented Voice Biometric Engine At the heart of the KSV Platform is our patented voice biometric engine, the result of over 2 years of research and practical, field-based experience. The engine is built grounds up providing a comprehensive set of features: free speech based authentication, one to one and one to many identification and verification, true cross channel performance; we can configure the engine to adapt to almost any usage scenario. One of the solutions provided by Kaizen Secure Voiz that addresses the issues faced by the elderly pensioners is the ‘Proof of Life’. Kaizen Secure Voiz – Voice Biometrics enables pensioners to prove they are alive by a combination of Unique national ids and a robust Voice authentication tool that can be used from “anywhere and anytime”. With our robust features of voice biometrics and voice analytics that identifies a person’s age and gender, pensioners can securely and conveniently authenticate themselves from their homes and receive payment. Before each pension payroll processing, the retired pensioner can just dial into a designated toll-free number to authenticate his/her voice. Once authenticated as being alive he/she becomes eligible for pension payouts for the subsequent month. We would provide an umbrella of safety and secured authentication in real-time using inexpensive methods of implementation that helps prevent deposits made to fraudulent account thus saving the exchequer from incorrect payments. Voice Analytics The aim of this research is to identify gender and age from speech, the system consists of two parts. The first part is called pre-processing and future extraction. The second part is called classification. This research investigates an automatic gender and age recognizer from speech. First four formant frequencies and twelve MFCCs are used to extract relevant features to recognize the gender. A special selectin of solid feature is used in this work to improve the accuracy of the gender and age classifiers based on the frequency range that the feature represents. Age and gender recognition have many practical applications, among them are: Commercial advertisements, the ads can become more relevant and target a specific group of age and gender, leading to an increase in sales. Another application is in forensic science, number of suspects can be reduced if there is evidence such as a telephone call. This system can also be used for user authentication based on their speech. Speech Analytics Speech Analytics helps contact centers improve performance, provide enhanced customer experience and grow revenue as a result of its high tech features that ease interaction monitoring. Some of the outstanding features of speech analytics that helps to unveil hidden insights in the voice of the customer can be reviewed briefly as follows. Speech-to-Text Speech Analytics converts 100 % of the recorded conversations to machine-readable text format. As a result of this transcription customer interactions transform to data sources which can be analysed. Speech-to-text technology also lets users to search for keywords and phrases by running queries among recorded calls. Emotion Detection With its emotion detection feature of Speech Analytics identifies emotion via variations of pitch or tone. Emotion detection gives important insights about customer dissatisfaction and agent performance. It helps to capture problematic conversations by using the ratios of anger, monotony, interruption, and silence as evaluation criteria. IVRS(On- Premise & On cloud) KSV IVR systems are designed and built to provide a personalized customer experience that effortlessly drives callers to the right answer, or the right agent, to help maximize call center IVR containment. Our single-tier pricing model provides a very economical cost, and an easily customizable user interface eliminates the need for expensive and time-consuming IT intervention. A key component of our CX Automated self-service offering, our modern IVR software solutions include all of the capabilities you need to ensure every customer interaction is meaningful: Preserve context across channels Predict call intent based on recent transactions Adapt to each caller's experience level On-Premises or Cloud KSV IVRS can be deployed in any environment that best suits your business, whether you prefer an on-premises solution, hosted SaaS option or deployment through a private cloud environment. Start in one deployment method and move to another seamlessly, with no changes required to your IVR application settings. Contact Centre(On-Premise & On Cloud) KSV Contact Centre suite provides call center software applications that support both automated and live interactions, inbound and outbound, across voice, email and Chat communications. Deliver a seamless experience on every channel and every touchpoint while delivering personalized, convenient, and powerful interactions. Improve operational efficiency and comply with key regulations with advanced routing and dialing solutions while simultaneously delivering differentiated service to customers. KSV call center management solutions can be deployed on-premises, hosted, or as a cloud contact center, offering your organization the flexibility to deploy applications within the environment that best suits your needs. This also allows you to plan to move to the cloud at your own pace, or continue to utilize the deployment that makes the most sense for your business. KSV contact center platform, allows your business to adopt applications modularly, adding capabilities to your call center at your own pace.. KSV call center technology also seamlessly integrates with third party applications, allowing data to flow freely across contact center and workforce optimization functions and the rest of the enterprise. Conversational Voice AI Conversational AI is a set of technologies that enable computers to understand, process, and respond to voice or text inputs in natural ways, and is typically used in conjunction with bots or intelligent virtual agents (IVAs). Done well, it helps people interact with complex systems in faster and easier ways, and helps businesses deliver personalized engagements and support at scale. The booking and ticketing process can be cumbersome and confusing for travelers. KSV Voice bot built on the platform can learn from booking patterns and customer behavior, allowing you to create more engaging experiences for frequent flyers and travelers. Our platform also provides comprehensive user and bot analytics, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of your customers and allowing you to continually fine-tune your bot. This allows you to provide each and every customer with the ultimate booking and ticketing experience at a scale previously impossible. From the moment a traveller searches for and books a trip, KSV Voice Bot can take care of their needs and provide them with positive and memorable experiences. Our voice/chatbot can help simplify and streamline the web and mobile check-in process and provide helpful information on topics like travel times, boarding stations, and scheduled stations etc..



Electronics and Communication Engineer


Shyam Sunder Borra

Master Degree