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ZONEO Private Ltd, with our innovative and insightful technology, we strive to enhance our users’ every day experiences. Founded in 2020, our incredible team of engineers, programmers, designers and marketing experts have worked tirelessly to bring ZONEO to the forefront of the industry. In order to provide excellent solutions, we dedicate time and resources to research the market needs and our users’ habits and motives. We have, and will continue to work tirelessly facilitating our clients to achieve their business goals. One stop platform for Sustainable Environment Energy Conservation. 1. PAYS – Pay As You Save Problem: High Electricity Bills every month • You have ideas of how to reduce energy consumption, but you’re not sure which vendor or service provider you can trust to provide high quality equipment and services at the most competitive rates? • You want a technology upgrade in your facility, but a number of the efficiency improvement initiatives you have planned require investment, and compete with your organization’s other priorities for financial resources. As a result, your retrofits don’t get done. • You lack deep insight into your energy consumption patterns, spend too much on maintenance and repairs, face frequent complaints from facility occupants, and wish your staff was better equipped to efficiently and reliably operate your facility. Solution: PAYS (Pay-As-you-Save) makes it easy and profitable for you to solve all these issues at once PAYS offers assessment, development, execution, financing and optimization of a comprehensive retrofit of your building’s energy system under a single pay-as-you-save agreement, so you can save money from day one without taking any financial or technical risk. How it works • Day 0, Parties sign PAYS agreement with min. 10% savings guarantee • <9 Months, we shall complete Assessment, Development and Execution (including financing) of Retrofits • 6 years, building shares a fixed percentage of the energy savings delivered over the 5-year Agreement Term on a monthly basis • End of Term, equipment ownership transfers to building at no cost at the end of the Agreement Term 2. CaaS – Cooling as a Service Your chiller plant is the largest consumer of energy in your building. You need full-time manpower to operate and maintain it. You need AMCs with various vendors. Your chiller, pumps and cooling towers need frequent repairs and servicing, and oils, greases, chemicals and other consumables. Furthermore, equipment fails without warning, causing headaches for your occupants, processes and engineering team. But why do you even have to worry about chiller plants? We take all these headaches away from you under our Cooling-as-a-Service or “CaaS” business model. Under CaaS, you only pay for the cooling you actually consume, and leave the rest to us, as we specialize in the design, operation, maintenance and continuous data-based optimization of central chiller plants using our cutting-edge EMS technology. EMS comprises a web-based architecture, high-performance IoT hardware, intuitive user interface and a powerful data processing engine configured with energy-saving algorithms to continuously identify and correct for hidden inefficiencies. In addition to bottom-line improvements through cost efficiencies, CaaS delivers greater predictability and reliability, a single point of contact for all your chiller plant needs, trouble-free data-based maintenance and boosted reputation as sustainability champions to our clients. How Does it Work? • You fill our standard CaaS questionnaire so that we can assess applicability for your facility. • If the collected data indicate promise for CaaS, we visit your site to conduct a quick walkthrough to confirm its applicability and collect any additional information required. • We present our CaaS contract for execution, which presents a lower overall cost of cooling (INR/TRh) compared to your existing cost of cooling, and includes the transfer of equipment to you at no cost at the end of the contract period. • After you make the wise decision to sign up for CaaS, our Central Design and Field Engineering teams complete detailed design to transition your chiller plant to the highest levels of efficiency. • Our Project Execution and BMS teams implement the complete retrofit project and smart controls at your site, taking necessary shutdowns in coordination with your engineering team as per their convenience. • We take complete responsibility of providing chilled water to cover your entire cooling needs and you start enjoying reliable, predictable, hassle-free and economical cooling for your facility. • Our Operations and Analytics teams ensure your cooling infrastructure continuously operates at the highest levels of efficiency and offer you a delightful experience. 3. Energy Management System (EMS) Businesses want to improve energy efficiency, and • Are looking to tap into the low capital, high RoI savings through operational optimization & maintenance efficiency • Are looking to solve the complex challenges need to unlock those savings but don't have the right mix of expertise in-house • Are direly in need of a reliable partner with skin in the game Our EMS is Simple to adopt, Substantial in impact and Profitable from the start How Does it Work? Data acquisition: Our custom-built hardware is compatible with different sensors, OEMs & communication protocols, while making it heavily resilient to network downtimes. Configuration is easy, simple & remote! Data storage & processing: Our Cloud + local platform is custom built to be reliable & scalable while being open to accommodate rapidly evolving technologies Energy waste identification: Our team of expert energy analysts, data scientists & engineers are constantly automating the logics of energy waste investigation. Effective solution recommendation & implementation: The platform is capable of automating even the most complex control strategies; reliably & scalably. Effective data feedback loops enable identification & recommendation of effective control schemes. Measuring impact: A highly user centric interface allows for impactful visualization & analysis of energy data; both pre and post optimization. 4. Retail Connect Problem: Geographically distributed retail outlets lead to inconsistent operations thereby creating following challenges for the retail leadership High Energy Cost • Equipment operating outside operational hours • Sub optimal equipment settings, which are not also not dynamic with changing environmental conditions • Equipment inefficiency due to lack of timely maintenance • Poor power factor leading to electricity bill penalties Low Compliance • Undesired temperature and humidity levels across different areas – Customer comfort issues • Temperature outside compliance range in cold rooms/chillers/freezers – Food safety issues Electrical Health & Safety Risk • No visibility into asset health resulting in untimely breakdowns • Current and voltage imbalance leading to electrical hazards Other Issues • Lack of visibility into solar power • Unaware of the carbon footprint of the sites • No multi-site visibility of asset operations • Lack of detailed visibility of each site Solution: Retail Connect is an Enterprise IoT solution for retail spaces that helps in optimizing energy consumption, maintaining temperature compliances and asset health, and facilitating digital workflows. • Automated controls for reducing energy consumption • Temperature compliance • Digital workflows • Web based centralized visibility of sites • Predictive maintenance • Safety and risk management


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