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Akshayavari Technology Private Limited is a company engaged in research in water management with an objective of facilitating ‘clean water for all’. As a breakthrough of extensive research we have has come out with water based organic disinfectant called ‘Akshayavari’. Akshayavari has properties of disinfecting, deodorising and decoloring the municipal drinking water or ground water, whereby making it to be safe and fit to drink without any further processing. This facilitates provision of safe natural drinking water in an organic way without any chemical addition, enabling water conservation and supporting a greener globe. The property of the water based organic compound ‘Akshayavari’ finds its uses in multiple areas including, disinfecting, sanitation, agriculture, mosquito control, etc. On the onset based on its use we have developed variants of the Akshayavari compound which are named as under: Akshayavari-Pure Used to disinfect drinking water killing the pathogens, removing the colour and odour and making the ground water safe for drinking. Akshayavari-Wash Used for wash Room / toilet cleaning and disinfection. With our modern cleaning technology process using Akshayavari-wash we result in a chemical free cleaning and savings of water usage upto 95%. Akshayavari-Plus This product is for mosquito control. This product contains ayurvedic oils to control mosquitoes and acts as repellent.