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Augmented Reality, Virtual reality and Mixed reality are all new emerging techniques which help to enhance our education system with innovative immersive learning methodology. These technologies visualize the entire virtual environment and interact with visualized virtual objects through augmented/virtual reality in nearby visual environment. The objective of this start-up is to explore the impact of these emerging technologies for providing enhanced learning for students who needs utmost care and attention by bridging the gap between the real and virtual world. Many people in our generation have never even imagined this kind of technology to learn fundamentals through digitized immersive platform and now learning is made easy, interesting and with hands on experience that aids students to effectively capture the essence of fundamentals and advanced concepts. From the kindergarten to higher level education, these new technologies provide immersive methods of learning. In these modes of learning, students learn various concept with pedagogical approaches and VR/AR/MR based technological solutions. In this venture, we are planning to develop a platform like mobile application/web application through simulation of real objects in the virtual 3D space via VR/AR/MR and 360-degree technologies. It helps to learn the physical process of all virtual object with an interactive video.


Vembadian Akilandeswari

Ph.D ( Computer Science and Engineering)


Mrs.A. Sudha

M.E (satellite communication)