Klymate Technologies Llp DPIIT Certified Startup

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The birth of Klymate Technologies came from a Renewable Energy Engineer who loves to innovate something new in Renewable Energy. With more than 12 years of deep and intensive studies of Renewable Energy technology across country pull us to participate in 1.5oC Climate Challenge to Change our Climate system from “RED - TO - GREEN” through Renewable Energy Sources. Integrity We believe that Trust in GOD is a way to do Integrity business. It is also important to Klymate Technologies LLP, that our clients and the team members have a strong foundation of trust in each other. Ethical Conduct We believe this is the cornerstone of good business. We are committed to honesty and high morals in all dealings, both internally and externally. Our MOTTO is to become country’s leading “Sustainable Changemakers”



M.Tech in Renewable Energy



M.E in Computer Science