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Myself, Sasidharan and our team's research work focuses on developing language technology tools like speech recognition, text-to-speech, natural language processing and chatbots for Indian languages. This work was demonstrated in the recently held ExperienceAI's Lab2Market program held by IndiaAI and NASSCOM. We have incorporated our startup named IndiaSpeaks Research Labs Pvt. Ltd. two months back, so as to get our products market-ready. We have developed an application with "Voice-first interface" for ordering groceries so that users can search and order items just by speaking. This kind of interface can be customized and extended to other business domains as well (e.g., banking, hotel room booking, language learning, automobiles, entertainment, etc.). Inspired by the enormous potential for usage of advanced technology for Indian languages in the internet space, we would like to venture into this market. Having bootstrapped our startup, we have collected several hundred hours of transcribed speech data (for English, Hindi, Tamil and Kannada), setup high-end compute servers, and built the language tools using the collected data. This application currently supports English, but we are working to add 10 more Indian languages to our repertoire. Since we are planning to scale our startup, we are looking for investment opportunities so that we can work on enhancing our products and provide software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings of our tools for other businesses as well as direct-customers.






B.E., M.Tech, PhD