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Employee dis-engagement has always been a pain area for most organisations. According to Gallup, only 20% of employees are engaged at work globally and in the post COVID world, this percentage is continuously dropping. The Great Resignation is a big example of this and most companies are looking for ways to solve this. We interviewed hundreds of leaders around the world, they all said that they'll be interested in a solution that - - keeps their employees informed, even when they're not working; - offers a simple way through which recognition is exercised within the company; - satisfies the hunger of employees receiving timely feedback; - makes it easier to set & complete learning goals; - enables the water-cooler conversations digitally; - helps channel the employee voice to leadership; - and most important of all, ensures the overall wellbeing & productivity at all times. The traditional engagement strategies are not effective anymore & every leader is looking for ways to address this fast. Uniify is the world's first mobile-based employee experience platform that covers Employee Engagement, Internal communications and the most important of all - Employee Wellness. Being a mobile-based platform, Uniify truly helps engage employees right where they are. For Employees, the platform offers multiple experiences like Recognition, Feedback, Random Coffee with colleagues, Learning Goals, Idea Bank, Fitness & Wellness, Surveys, Polls and Karma Points to rewards employees for each activity & ensuring adoption. For the HR & Leadership teams, Uniify offers advanced analytics through a real-time dashboard to monitor & measure engagement. We built Uniify so that the employees can have it all back (digitally). Being a native mobile platform, Uniify stays with the employees at all times, even when they're not working. And of course it makes the work easier for organisations as now they can take informed decisions.


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