HygeiaAI DPIIT Certified Startup

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HygeiaAI is a Behavioral Health product start-up that is into predicting mental stress based on psychological factors that will help in early detection, diagnosis as well as reducing Disability Adjusted Life Years. We have identified 4 different products in our product roadmap journey. 1. SCD - Structured Centralized database which looks at collating all the health risks from an Occupational, Physical and Mental perspective in a single platform. this is already developed and tested and we are ready to roll this out to companies. 2. Stress predicter tool which is currently under WIP (expected release in 2 months) tool. 3. A match making product to match the user with accredited wellness providers and 4. HERP - Enhanced Risk Predicter tool which will take into account factors like diet, medicine usage and fitness details to predict the health risks of the user with respect to the job role. 3. Our pricing model is two – recurring revenues from B2B sales (3 – 5 year contracts so that the model is predictable, repeatable and sustainable) and transactional revenues from B2B2C. While the recurring revenue model is only an entry strategy, we can easily achieve Rs. 2500 - 5000 ARPU from employees through various wellness offerings. Since we collect and analyze a lot of data points of these individual employees, we can offer them various personalised and customized wellness solutions through accredited wellness partners. As the other wellness partners are only in the B2C space or if they operate in the B2B space do not have access to holistic health data points (siloed approach). We are in a better position to serve the B2C markets though our entry into B2B as we had discussed. 4. We need the funds so as to build the product to be more user centric more than corporate centric so that we can look at user use cases to delight our end users (employees and their families). This will in turn work the reverse way as well wherein users will recommend the product to the corporate and from both ends as well (the corporate as well as the end user) to ensure stickability. Our model can be easily transported to other parts of the globe. Both the founders are Engineers and MBAs from IIMA with 20 years of experience in India and abroad. So the difficult part was to start the venture and build he products. We have the expertise and the experience to scale the venture.


Ranjit Kovilinkal



Gowtham Raj Viswanathan

B Tech (AC Tech), MBA (IIMA)