Global Coordination Center (GCC)

A Global Coordination Centre (GCC) of StartupTN is a strategic facility established to support Tamil Nadu startups in expanding their businesses internationally. These centers provide co-working spaces, business consultation, networking opportunities, legal and regulatory guidance, and access to capital and partnerships. They serve as a bridge for startups to enter and grow in new markets.
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GCC Dubai

The Global Coordination Centre is a strategic initiative developed with Startup Middle East to provide comprehensive support to the Startups of Tamil Nadu interested in exploring and penetrating the market of the Middle East region. Located in Dubai, UAE, the Global Coordination Centre is an intrinsic base and pivotal to offer the bouquet of services that can enable market-entry businesses in the growth phase of Tamil Nadu.

1. Co-working Space

Dedicated Workstations: The startup is provided with best in class workstations, high-speed internet, continuous power supply, and even access to meeting rooms.

Collaborative Environment: The collaborative environment within the co-working space offers the opportunity to share ideas, network, and work amongst other like-minded entrepreneurs.

2. Dedicated Support Desk

Operational Help: There is an entire operational support desk available for addressing all sorts of operational needs, thus ensuring smooth and effective functioning of businesses for start-ups.

Liaison Services: The help desk liaises between the startup founders and key stakeholders to bridge the gap for developing effective communication leading toward solving their problems.

3. Business Consultancy

Tailored Consultations: Start-ups have personalized one-to-one consultations with experienced business advisors to provide custom guidance on market entry, business development, and growth planning.

Expert Insights: These sessions will provide one with insights related to the competitive landscape, regulatory needs, and potential risks and opportunities in the market.

4. Opportunities for Networking

Industry Events: The GCC hosts networking opportunities, workshops, and informational seminars for your startup to link up with industry experts, potential clients, investors, and other entrepreneurs.

Strategic connections: Events provide an opportunity for young companies to create strategic partnerships and alliances that are necessary for business development and market presence.

5. Soft-Landing

Business Facilitation: The GCC assists in all soft-landing services, which include business connections, mentoring networks, and local market navigation support.

Holistic support: From registering the entity and compliance certifications to access to the market and operational support is offered so that startups can ensure their transition smoothly to be successful.

6. Programs for Capacity Building

Skill Development: Activities conducted to provide capacity-building support for the enhancement of skills and capabilities of startup founders through programs of mentoring sessions, workshops on skill development, and investor connect.

Resource Access: The resources gained by the startup shall include feasibility studies, business model optimization, expansion planning, and analysis of market trends.

7. Capital Access

Investment Opportunities: GCC helps facilitate start-ups in various investment opportunities, from venture capital to angel investors and other strategic capital sources.

Investor Connect: Tailored programs are made available to introduce start-ups to the investors, thus improving the likelihood that such ventures will have their critically needed money for growing.

8. Legal and Regulatory Support

Guiding and Compliance: The startups are guided and supported for the maneuver in requirements of the legal and regulatory issues, which encompass company registration, licensing, processing visas, and compliance with the local laws.

Expert Assistance: Legal advisors are experts in offering assistance to ensure startups meet all necessary regulatory standards, thus minimizing risks and ensuring smooth operations.

9. Marketing and Branding

Brand building: GCC provides marketing and branding facilities to startups by making them known by creating brand awareness, attracting customers, and placing the right product or services with safety.

Strategic Positioning: Services on market-entry campaigns, public relations, and digital marketing strategy aimed at the targeted audience.

10. Mentorship and Coaching

Experienced Mentors: Provide startups with qualified mentoring services and industry experts that give them essential insights, advice, and guidance along their growth journey.

Continuous Support: Ongoing mentorship will ensure that start-ups continue to receive support and feedback perpetually as they go through the challenges, moving toward realizing their business objectives.

11. Partnerships and Collaborations

Strategic alliances: GCC enables the business to enter strategic alliances, partnerships, and collaborations with local enterprises and organizations that fortify market presence and offer new growth opportunities.

Resulting collaborative projects : Startups can implement collaborative projects innovatively that grows their business.

12. Ongoing Support and Resources

Continued Support: GCC provides ongoing support and resources by providing education materials based on what growing startups require.

Workshops on Education: Startups can access online instruments, educational workshops, and industry reports to remain informed and knowledgeable for success.

* Subject to establishment and availability.

StartupTN reserves the right to add or modify the Rules & Regulations and the Implementation Process.