Startup Sectors


Aerospace, Defence & SpaceTech

Tamil Nadu is rapidly emerging into a most favoured manufacturing destination for the Aerospace, Defence & Space Tech sector for multiple reasons. The state is building a wide-ranging ecosystem for designing, developing, manufacturing, testing and servicing of commercial & defence aircrafts, missiles, defence systems, spacecrafts, etc. Tamil Nadu already houses many defence systems & products manufacturing PSUs. Tamil Nadu is also getting a space port.

  • A 250 acres aerospace park has been established by the state
  • Nation’s first defence corridor in Tamil Nadu with an investment of INR 3100 crores has been announced
  • ISRO is setting up its second spaceport in Tamil Nadu

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Siva Sankaran R
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Mobile: 9962185898


Agriculture & FoodTech

Tamil Nadu benefits from both Northeast & Southwest monsoons. The state has seven agro climatic zones and various soil conditions. These favourable factors enable Tamilnadu to produce a wide range of agricultural, horticultural, animal husbandry and many more. The state has a vast talent pool from the agricultural & horticultural colleges & research institutes. About 40% of the state’s population subsist on agriculture and allied activities.

  • The sector contributes 12% to the state’s GDP
  • 24000+ SMEs
  • 1100+ large enterprises
  • 12 million MT of foodgrains production
  • 14 million MT of vegetables & fruits production

Desk Incharge

Sivakumar Palaniswamy
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Mobile: 9739850500

AI,ML & Iot

AI, ML & IoT

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Internet of Things is an advanced technological combination that benefits domains like retail, healthcare, banking & finance, transportation, manufacturing, sales & marketing, cybersecurity and many more. It opens a tremendous opportunity in Tamil Nadu, which has a strong economic background.

  • Tamil Nadu is the first state to announce AI policy
  • AI is witnessing a CAGR of 20.2% per annum
  • IoT is currently exhibiting a CAGR of 13.8%
  • Top educational institutions are ensuring outstanding human resources

Desk Incharge

Arvind P
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Mobile: 9789497050

Art and Culture Sector

Art, Culture & Architecture

Culture is a way of life and varies from region to region. Both arts and crafts are part of a culture. The Indian and the global art markets are witnessing phenomenal growth. Interest in architecture is a new development. Tamil Nadu with a rich tradition and heritage has a huge share in the art market and hosts a huge pool of skilled artisans. This has opened new avenues for the entrepreneurs of the state art sector.

  • Tanjore painting, veena making, bronze statue making, silk saree weaving, clay pottery and many more are Tamil Nadu’s unique arts & crafts
  • Average exports growth over the years is around 38.50%
  • Arts & crafts contribute significantly to the socio-economic condition of the state

Desk In-charge

Saranya Jeyasankar
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Mobile: 9787522622


Automotive, EV & Smart Mobility

Tamil Nadu is the largest contributor to the automobile sector in the country in terms of industrial output with establand domestic & global manufacturers of cars, trucks & two wheelers. The state has around 100 major OEM units. Now, Tamil Nadu is building a robust EV manufacturing ecosystem swiftly and smoothly. Further, the state has over 800 engineering colleges ensuring a skilled labour pool.

  • Tamil Nadu is one among the top 10 global auto hubs
  • 35% of India’s auto components production
  • No 1 manufacturer of tyres
  • Tamil Nadu works to attract Rs 500 billion of investment in EV manufacturing and create a comprehensive EV ecosystem in the State
  • Such investment is expected to create 1.5 lakh new jobs
  • Tamil Nadu accounts for 6.4% electric vehicles sold in India

Desk In-charge

Senthamil Arasan A
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Mobile: 8489831881


Blue Economy

Tamil Nadu has abundant marine, freshwater and brackish water fishery resources that contribute towards economy, employment, food security and foreign exchange earnings. The state has the second-longest coastline of 1076 kms covering thirteen coastal districts. Further, it has around 4 lakh hectares inland fishery reservoirs and 56,000 hectares of brackish water area.

  • Supports the livelihood of more than 10 lakh marine fishermen and around 2 lakh inland fishermen of the state
  • Tamil Nadu ranks 4th in total fish production of the country
  • The state earned a foreign exchange of Rs.5591.49 crore during 2018-2019
    • Around 5.20 lakhs MT of marine fish production
    • Around 1.60 lakhs MT of inland sea production

Desk In-charge

Suganya Selvaraj
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Mobile: 9176683033


Chemicals & BIoTech

Tamil Nadu is the second-largest state in chemical production and one of the leading states in plastics, polymer and pharma manufacturing in the country. The state has the potential to become No 1 hub in the country for the chemicals and petrochemicals industry. In this regard, the government has categorized specialty chemicals and petrochemicals as sunrise sectors, enabling special incentives and attract incentives for the industry. The state is already a hub for medical devices and it has a double-digit growth.

  • 2500+ chemical factories
  • State has established a polymer park across 306 acres for plastic manufacturing
  • 3 petrochemical units are being set up in the state
  • Bio Park for providing dedicated facilities for biotechnology / pharmaceutical research & development activities.
  • The state proposes to establish a pharmaceutical park and a textile park

Desk In-charge

Mutamil Selvi G
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Mobile: 7010912966

StartupTN-Sectors-Circular Economy

Circular Economy

Circular Economy functions on strategies, practices, policies and technologies to achieve principles related to reusing, recycling, redesigning, repurposing, remanufacturing, refurbishing and recovering water, waste materials and nutrients to preserve natural reserves. Tamil Nadu government has announced special packages for startups mitigating environmental challenges.

  • TANSEED assistance has been increased from Rs 10.00 lakhs to Rs 15.00 lakhs for GreenTech startups
  • Seed capital funding in the form of equity or debentures through the Emerging Seed Sector Fund
  • Acceleration programs for 20 eligible Green Tech startups

Desk In-charge

Sakthivel Kaliappan
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Mobile: 9159158739

StartupTN-Sectors-Climatetech & Clean Energy

ClimateTech & Clean Energy

Tamil Nadu is a leading renewable energy generation state. The state’s installed capacity of renewable energy is 19.6 GW. The state further targets solar energy generation capacity of 9000 MW. Tamil Nadu is the largest producer of automobiles with second-highest vehicle population in the country. The state’s EV policy encourages production & population of electric vehicles in the state.

  • Tamil Nadu is 12th in global ranking in wind energy
  • The state has high wind resources with passes at Western ghats
  • Upcoming 500 MW Solar Park at Kadaladi, Ramanathapuram District
  • Has the largest EV manufacturing capacity in the country
  • Tamil Nadu accounts for 6.4% electric vehicles sold in India

Desk In-charge

Selvam Sekar
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Mobile: 8667019297


Data Mining & Analytics

Data Mining & Analytics is a process used to turn raw data into useful information. Data analytics as a service is extensively utilized in sectors ranging from production, banking, commerce, healthcare, education, automation and many more fields. It generates significant business discoveries through sophisticated analytics to big sizes of unstructured and structured data that enhances productivity and revenue. Tamil Nadu, particularly, Chennai is fast gaining ground as the analytics hub of India.

  • With industry-specific problems needing data-driven solutions, many analytics firms are now into the city’s rich domain capabilities
  • 22 Business Intelligence startups in Tamil Nadu
  • Educational institutions in Chennai curated specialized programs in analytics more than 10–15 years ago, enabling a huge talent pool

Desk In-charge

Ragesh U K
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Mobile: 6380335049



In spite of the funding winter faced by the Indian EdTech sector, it is poised to become a world leader in coming years. Multiple factors like increased demand for upskilling & learning, rapid mobile phone adoption and competitive internet tariffs enables the rapid growth of the EdTech sector in India. Tamil Nadu has the right potential to tap this fast emerging sector.

  • 440+ EdTech startups in Tamil Nadu
  • Qualified & skilled manpower resources
  • Already, has many nation’s top educational & research institutions

Desk In-charge

Rahul N
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Mobile: 9585883512



FemTech provides a wide range of technology enabling solutions & products to improve healthcare for women across a number of female-specific conditions, including maternal health, menstrual health, fertility, menopause and many more. Globally, estimates for FemTech’s current market size range from $500 million to $1 billion and forecasts suggest opportunities for double-digit revenue growth. Tamil Nadu is already taking measures to tap the impressive market potential.

  • The state government has announced special acceleration programmes for FemTech startups
  • It is also creating focussed angel investor circles under Tamil Angels Network platform
  • The state is further exploring the sector’s opportunities in matching resources, talent, and capital to women’s unmet health needs

Desk In-charge

Akila S
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Mobile: 9943887717


FinTech & InsurTech

Tamil Nadu is fast emerging into a major financial hub of the country. In this regard, adoption of technology by the finance sector and insurance sector has been very rapid. The Indian FinTech market is expected to reach $200 billion by 2030. Similarly, there are around 140 InsurTech startups operating in India and the same is growing rapidly. The key growth factors driving InsurTech companies in India are the rising awareness on insurance across Tier 2 cities and beyond, better SME participation & widespread women-specific insurance products.

  • TIDCO is developing a FinTech city in Chennai with a built-up space of at least one million sq ft. It shall largely be virtual & interconnected digitally with other FinTech centres in tier 2 and 3 cities.
  • The state has announced a structured package of incentives to firms which have invested more than ₹50 crore and provided direct employment for 300 people or more over a period of less than 3 years.
  • Funding to Indian InsurTechs has grown at a CAGR of 34%
  • India’s first and largest public sector insurance company, Life Insurance Corporation of India is headquartered in Chennai
  • Tamil Nadu is home to many top performing banks & NBFCs

Desk In-charge

Nikunj Panchal
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Mobile: 8148606827


Healthcare & Life Sciences

Tamil Nadu is a pioneer in healthcare services, both in public and private spaces, and is mentioned as the health capital of India. The city attracts around 50% of foreign medical tourists and 40% of domestic medical tourists annually. Further, significant reforms in healthcare have resulted in high expansion of rural health infrastructure in the state. Tamil Nadu makes a significant contribution to the Life Sciences industry which includes pharmaceuticals, medical devices, medical textiles, biotechnology, and biomedical technologies.

  • Madras Medical College started in 1835 is the first institution for medical studies in Tamil Nadu and third oldest in the country
  • The state has the third-highest number of medical colleges in India. Also, numerous dental, para-medical and alternative medicine institutions
  • Incubation parks for life sciences. IIT-M has established a bio-incubator at its Research Park with cutting edge infrastructural and analytical facilities
  • Biologics & Pharmaceutical parks with common facilities such as training centres, R&D centres, effluent treatment plants, logistic centres, validation centres, testing facilities and equipments
  • Life sciences startups can submit investment proposals under Emerging Sector Seed Fund scheme

Desk In-charge

Vinoth Rajendran
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Mobile: 8438218319

Startptn-Sectors-HR tech and Smartworkforce

HRTech & Smart Workforce

With Tamil Nadu being the second-largest state economy and a most industrialized state in the country, HR Services & Solutions have a vital role in sustaining a successful ecosystem. It includes employee payroll and compensation, recruitment process, workforce analytics, performance management and compliance management. Apart from this, building a smart workforce is another critical activity. Innovative HR technology solutions are fundamentally reshaping the HR functions.

  • Rapid adoption of latest technologies like artificial intelligence, data analytics, cloud computing, etc.
  • Remote work options without disrupting productivity
  • Maintaining work-life balance

Desk In-charge

Vijayalakshmi Ganesan
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Mobile: 7305630836

StartupTN-Sectors-Industry 4.0 and advanced manufacturing

Industry 4.0 & Advanced Manufacturing

Tamil Nadu is setting up infrastructure for the manufacturing sector to prepare it for Industry 4.0 & Advanced Manufacturing. These facilities will also benefit small and medium enterprises. It has established Tamil Nadu Advanced Manufacturing Centre of Excellence (TAMCOE) and Tamil Nadu Smart and Advanced Manufacturing Centre (TANSAM).

  • TAMCOE being set up by TIDCO and GE aviation at an outlay of Rs 141 crore will enable research and prototype making using additive manufacturing technology
  • The 150,000 square-foot facility in Chennai’s Tidel Park, Taramani is expected to harness the potential of additive manufacturing in Tamil Nadu
  • TANSAM being set up by TIDCO and Siemens at an outlay of Rs 251.54 crore will cater to sectors like aerospace, EV, marine, green energy, biotech, industrial automation, robotics and others
  • The centre will work for innovations and product development and will bring more patents for Tamil Nadu. It will also provide support to build entrepreneurship

Desk In-charge

S R Aneesh
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Mobile: 8122630972


Lifestyle, Personalcare & D2C

Fueled by robust technology and innovation, D2C lifestyle & personal care brands are setting new benchmarks, not only in terms of seamless and personalized shopping experiences, but also in scaling and optimizing their business models. The new digital beauty brands have attained unbelievable revenue records.

  • India’s D2C beauty & personal care segment is expected to reach $4.4 billion by 2025
  • CAGR of online beauty & personal care products is 29% at national level
  • With more than 60% of the population in Tamilnadu being urbanized, it has a huge market potential

Desk In-charge

S R Aneesh
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Mobile: 8122630972


MarketingTech & MICE

Marketing and technology have become inseparable. Digital channels, analytics, artificial intelligence, mobile marketing, personalisation, etc are the results of tech enabled marketing. With the MICE sector growing and the focus shifting from Europe to the Asia Pacific area, India is on the verge of a big breakthrough, a competitive advantage to become a regional leader in MICE tourism in the Asia-Pacific region.

  • It is estimated that Indian IT players’ share in the global martech industry can grow to USD 45-55 billion by 2025. To tap this opportunity, Indian IT firms are expected to adopt aggressive go-to-market strategies.
  • India’s MICE segment, which accounts for a minuscule 1% share in the global MICE market, has the potential to become a significant demand driver for the tourism sector Chennai ranks 3rd in the growth of MICE tourism
  • Tamil Nadu government has come up with the Chennai Convention Centre (CCC) to promote world-class business tourism. The CCC has an air-conditioned banquet space that can hold 2000 delegates at a time and hence becomes suitable for mega-scale events.

Desk In-charge

Baskar Perumal
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Mobile: 9943766959

StartupTN-Sectors-Media & Entertainment

Media & Entertainment

With South India dominating the Media & Entertainment industry in the country, Tamil Nadu has emerged as the leading state in the industry. Television is the largest contributor to the South Indian M & E industry, with 35% of the industry’s market share. The streaming industry is experiencing this growth due to increase in internet penetration, smartphone availability and higher per capita income. South India contributes close to 30% of India’s overall M & E revenue with over 50% of the films produced are from South India.

  • Tamil Nadu is home to highest TV channels in South India with 65 channels
  • Ranks first in TV subscription revenue in South India with 35% market share
  • 35% market share of ad revenue in South India
  • TV content is 36% of total South Indian market
  • South Indian media and entertainment industry is growing at a CAGR of 15%
  • Television industry in South India is expected to grow at a CAGR of 25%

Desk In-charge

Ananth M K
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Mobile: 9597995999


PropTech, LegalTech & RegTech

PropTech sector comprises 5500+ startups, LegalTech sector has 6100+ startups and RegTech has over 2300+ startups throughout the country. With a robust incubator ecosystem, top educational institutions and advanced infrastructure, Tamil Nadu has emerged as a leading destination for technology oriented startups and these startups from the emerging sector have opened up a huge potential for tech startups in the state.

  • There are 49 PropTech startups in Chennai
  • Chennai has some of the prominent LegalTech startups
  • PropTech has raised $ 17.1 billion, LegalTech has raised $10.3 billion in 1200+ startups and RegTech has raised 17.4 billion nationwide

Desk In-charge

Akshay Kumar
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Mobile: 9940898432



Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai, Tiruchirapalli and many more cities & towns in Tamil Nadu are growing at an exceptional rate and the retail sector is witnessing phenomenal growth in these centres. The buying pattern of the consumers is also changing. RetailTech supports the sector at various stages of their business processes in this changed scenario.

  • In urban South India, Tamil Nadu has the highest number of persons in the $668 and more expenditure category.
  • Tamil Nadu based retail brands operate with multiple outlets across India & globally
  • Textiles, supermarkets, jewellery & food are the major domains based out of Tamil Nadu
  • RetailTech is currently considered the new buzzing industry, bringing many changes and opportunities
  • It is a tool for inventory management and merchandising, providing simple access to product information and more precise demand predictions.

Desk In-charge

Sai Ranganathan
Mail ID:
Mobile: 8951221153


SaaS, Software & IT/ITES

Chennai is referred to as the ‘SaaS Capital of India’. The state makes tremendous exports of software and services. Strong industrial base, infrastructure, connectivity, surplus power status, health care, accredited educational institutions and outstanding human resources have made Tamil Nadu a highly favoured destination in Information Technology related activities.

  • 3rd in software exports in India
  • 11% of total investments in the country
  • Employment to nearly 6.60 lakhs
  • High-end & integrated infrastructure like networking, cloud computing, etc

Desk In-charge

Balasubramanian S
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Mobile: 9150867168

StartupTN-Sector-Futuristic smart city with 5G global network technology

Smart Cities & E-Governance

The objective of the Smart City Mission is to provide core infrastructure and give a decent quality of life to its citizens, a clean and sustainable environment through application of ‘Smart’ Solutions. In Tamil Nadu, the Smart City Mission is being implemented at 11 municipal corporations – Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai, Salem, Thanjavur, Vellore, Tuticorin, Tirunelveli, Tiruppur, Tiruchirappalli and Erode. E-Governance is pivotal to smart city projects

  • In 10 Corporations (except Chennai), so far 619 works at an estimated cost of Rs.9,722.62 crore have been sanctioned. Of which,
  • 247 works at a cost of Rs.1,853.45 crore have been completed, and other works are in various stages of implementation.
  • The Mission period has been extended up to March 2023
  • An Exclusive IT department at each municipal corporation has been established

Desk In-charge

Gowtham B
Mail ID:
Mobile: 8667888632


Social Impact, Rural Livelihood & Sustainability

An increasing number of Indian startups are working in social impact, rural livelihood 7 & sustainability sectors. Many are leveraging technology to build smart and economically viable solutions to accelerate the impact. Some are teaming up with the Government in this process. Currently, there are more than 400 social impact startups in India and the count is growing at an annual rate of 20%.

  • Tamil Nadu among top Social Progress Index & Human Development Index
  • The state has launched special packages for rural impact startups

Desk In-charge

Ramajeyam R M J
Mail ID:
Mobile: 8838601352


Sports Tech & Gaming

Development and use of gaming apps is also another booming industry. India has a massive market size of nearly 390 million gamers and is also witnessing a phenomenal growth rate in Sports Tech & Gaming Apps. With a strong IT infrastructure and abundant qualified human resources, Tamil Nadu is one of the pioneering states in the country in Sports Tech & Gaming Apps development and gamers.

  • There are 51 Sports Tech & Gaming startups in Chennai
  • The average growth of online gamers is around 8%
  • Tamil has an urban population of 48.40%
  • Around 50% of total population is youth
  • Rapid growth of emerging technologies like Web 3.0, VR/AR, Metaverse, etc

Desk In-charge

Hari Jayanth
Mail ID:
Mobile: 9884166699


Supply Chain & Logistics

Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu is emerging as the largest logistics & warehousing hub in the country. Tamil Nadu is already a leading state in manufacturing & commerce activities. Many companies, particularly e-Commerce companies, are setting up warehouses in Chennai and other places in Tamilnadu. Multiple factors play a role like international ports, airports, rail & road network, skilled workforce, etc in contributing to the sector

  • TN Government has established a Skill Development Centre for Logistics for training in supply chain and logistics related skills
  • The centre also provides consultancy services
  • 126 Logistics Tech startups in Chennai

Desk In-charge

Karuppanan P
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Mobile: 9994080430


Telecom, Networking & Hardware

Hardware and Networking, along with Telecom, is a rapidly growing field with vast potential for entrepreneurs. Considering its potential, Tamil Nadu government has announced requisite policies and rules that ease the rollout of infrastructure.

  • Tamil Nadu has approved Right of Way Policy, which mandates the district collectors to approve the same within 60 days from the date of application
  • The above is alignment with the centre’s policies

Desk In-charge

Jeevitha M
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Mobile: 9789519317


TextileTech & Fashion

Tamil Nadu is the largest textile hub in India, with one-third of the textile business in the country. From spinning to garment making, the state is a leader in the entire value chain of the textile industry. It also leads in production of medical textiles and other technical textiles. Around half of the textile mills in the country are based in Tamil Nadu. The state is the largest exporter of yarn, textiles and garments. The state government is continuously taking many measures for the growth of the textile industry.

  • 45 % of the cotton yarn production
  • 22 % of the power loom & 12 % of handloom fabric production
  • 40 % of home textiles production
  • 70 % of the textile machinery & accessories
  • Garment industry grows at 15%

Desk In-charge

Rajsekar Sivasamy
Mail ID:
Mobile: 7402352221


Travel & Tourism

After the IT and Automobile sector boom, it is Travel & Tourism that has the potential to become the fastest growing sector in Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu is better placed in terms of its richness in ancient arts, culture and heritage which remains to be utilised to its fullest potential. A stable weather and good law & order situation are some of the major advantages for Tamil as a tourist destination.

  • Six out of top 10 popular Indian monuments visited by foreign tourists were from Tamil Nadu
  • The state had the highest domestic tourists visiting with 140.65 million
  • Tamil Nadu ranked second in the number of foreign tourist visits with around 1.23 million

Desk In-charge

Dinesh Kumar S
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Mobile: 9943219077


Web 3.0, Blockchain, VR/AR

Web 3.0, Blockchain, Metaverse and other technologies are thriving rapidly in Tamil Nadu and are radically changing the IT scenario in the state. These new age technologies are expected to play a considerable part in providing more opportunities to entrepreneurs and generate employment and contribute to Tamil Nadu’s goal of One Trillion economy.

  • Tamil Nadu is the first state in India to have a Virtual Reality lab for education
  • iTNT Hub, India’s First Emerging and DeepTech Innovation Network is being established in the state
  • ELCOT is taking initiative to build hubs for Web 3.0 and other emerging technologies
  • High penetration internet & availability of talent pool

Desk In-charge

Mageswar R
Mail ID:
Mobile: 7338890888