Pitching is a key skill for a successful entrepreneurial journey

Aadukalam is an intensive one-day training session that improves the pitching skills and helps startup founders understand the right components of a great pitch. This fundamental bootcamp provides plenty of practice on the basics of pitching and enables startups to get their pitch right. The founders learn how to communicate an idea to investors, mentors and other stakeholders in the ecosystem.
  • Mock pitch session
  • Mentoring
  • Networking
  • Investor connect

Aadukalam is for startups, particularly with unique and strong ideas, that can be pitched with clarity. The same is conducted periodically by the regional hubs in association with the locally based ecosystem partners like educational institutions, incubators, industrial associations, etc. Around fifty startups participate in this day-long session. The session will be either co-sponsored or co-organised.

Who Should Attend Aadukalam?

  • Who needs practice and expert advice on pitching
  • Who has an idea for a startup
  • Who is an early-stage company
  • Who needs mentoring
  • Who is looking for an investor
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What are some of the Topics?


What are the components of a great startup pitch

Pitch complex concepts

How do you pitch complex concepts in a simple way

Mistakes to avoid

What are the mistakes to avoid when pitching

Know your pitch

How do you know your pitch is comprehensive
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