Frequently asked questions


What are the eligibility criteria for DPIIT recognition?

An entity is considered for DPIIT recognition on the following criteria:

  • Age of Entity
  • Entity Type
  • Annual Turnover
  • Original Entity
  • Innovative & Scalable

What are the documents required?

  • Certificate of Incorporation or Registration of entity
  • If the startup received any funding, the Proof of Funding need to furnish for DPIIT Certificate of Recognition for Startups
  • Document of awards or recognition received by the entity
  • Document of the patent published by the entity (The patent should be published in the patent journals)
  • A brief description of the nature of the business. The write-up should contain the following details:
    • Details of how the startup is working towards innovation
    • Development of products or processes or services
    • The scalability in terms of employment generation or wealth creation

Is there any application fee?

DPIIT does not charge any fee for certificate of recognition of startups.

What are the benefits?

Startups recognized by DPIIT are entitled to many easier compliance and other benefits.

  • Self-Certification
  • Patent & IPR Application
  • Income Tax Exemption
  • Simplified Public Procurement
  • Easier Winding Process


What are the regular events organised by StartupTN?

StartupTN organises the multiple awareness & training events regularly through its regional hubs. Example: Break-the-Barrier (Thadai Adai Uthai), Aadukalam, Hackathon, etc

What are the benefits of these events?

The events create awareness, impart knowledge, develop pitching skills, provide & mentoring networking, enable innovations, build confidence and many more.

Who are eligible to participate in these events?

Students, aspiring founders & early stage startups.

Who can associate with us in these events? In what way?

Educational institutions, industry associations, prominent & successful individuals, can join as sponsors, associates and partners.


What is Tamil Angels Network?

Tamil Angels Network is a platform hosted by StartupTN to connect Tamil Diaspora with the Tamil Nadu based startups for making fundraising easy. The portal will aid and simplify the process of closing investment deals between global Tamil angels and the startups based in Tamil Nadu.

How do investors are onboarded?

HNIs with investment traction will be preferred for onboarding as investors. However, any interested individuals referred by an existing investor shall be considered. However, the decision by TANSIM will be final.

How do investment process happens?

Either the startups or the investors can get in touch to initiate the process of investment deal. The investors can investment either as an individual or as a group. The investors or the startups are solely responsible for the decision and further follow-up in this regard. TANSIM will not participate in the process in any manner.


What is mentor network?

It is an online platform with the objective of connecting right mentor for the startups. It functions more or less similar to the investor network.

How do mentor matching process works?

  1. Create a profile. You will be asked about your education, employment, anything else you want to share, and your preferences in a co-founder.
  2. We need to approve your profile before you can use the platform. This may take up to a week.
  3. Once you’ve been approved, you can look through profiles of potential candidates. If you’re interested in connecting with them, you can send a personalized message, to us and if they accept, we’ll email you to match the two of you.
  4. Of course, you may also receive invites. If you choose to accept an invitation from someone, we’ll send you a match email as well.
  5. Once you match, we let you take it from there, but we recommend scheduling a time to meet over video chat ASAP, and to work on a trial project together before committing to anything.

Does TANSIM acceleration program ensure investments?

We do not commit any investments from our end based on participation at programs. However, we make investments through other programs or facilitate investments through introductions.


What is TANFUND?

TANFUND is an online platform of Venture Capital and Private Equity firms. The objective is to aggregate these firms in a single platform, enabling easy access of funds to scaling up startups.

Are the firms to be for any specific category?

No, the platform is diverse.


What are the aspects for TANSEED grant?

  1. The entity should be working towards innovation, development, or improvement of products or processes with a high potential of employment generation, social impact, or wealth creation.
  2. The depth of research done on the identified problem.
  3. Commitment, expertise & pedigree of the team.
  4. Business plan and usage of fund – Clear deliverables and outcomes have to be mentioned by startups in their application.
  5. Funds received by the applicant like grants, prize money and other financial modes will also be taken into consideration before sanction. Priority will be given to those startups who have not received any fund.
  6. If the startup has any dues with StartupTN, the same has to be cleared before availing the fund.


What language is TANSIM programs are conducted?

The primary language is mostly Tamil. However, maybe in English language for non-Tamil speaking resources.

How can I get involved with TANSIM as a startup?

You can get involved with TANSIM by reaching out and expressing interest, applying for a program or initiative.

Does TANSIM help me finding a co-founder?

No. As of now TANSIM does not have any co-founder matching programs / initiatives.

Why should I register under StartupTN?

You should register with STARTUP TN if You are a startup registered as an entity in Tamil Nadu and are looking for benefits and incentives under the Tamil Nadu Startup and Innovation Policy. Most of the Government Schemes for startups requires the startup to be recognised by Tamil Nadu Startup and Innovation Mission (StartupTN).

StartupTN recognised startups get access to:

  1. Innovation Grants.
  2. Government as a Marketplace Scheme.
  3. Seed Funding.
  4. Fund of Fund Scheme.
  5. International Exchange Program.

What all documents are required to get recognized by StartupTN ?

If you are a

  1. Individual: Nil, just follow the registration process.
  2. Startup: company registration certificate.
  3. Certified Startup: DPIIT Certificate.

What is the definition of Innovative project under this scheme for Startups ?

Innovation is the process of introducing New or Making changes to products, processes and services that results in the introduction of something New and Innovative products with updated technology.

Who is eligible to get registered as Startups ?

Period of Existence of the entity: The period of existence and operations of the entity should not exceed 10 years from the date of registration.

Type of Entity: The certificate of recognition is issued to startup registered as s a Private Limited Company, a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) or a Registered Partnership Firm.

Annual Turnover: To get the Certificate of Recognition, The firm should have an annual turnover of Rs. 100 crore for any of the fiscal years since its federation.

Original Entity: To avail the Unique ID, the company should not have been incorporated by splitting up or recreating an already existing entity.

Registered Office: Incorporated/registered office in Tamil Nadu.

I am a college student interested in entrepreneurship. How can I contact you ?

You can contact us through the Academic Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Program (AIEDP) i.e Entrepreneurship Cell of your college spread across 500+ colleges all over the state. If your college doesn’t have an E-Cell, kindly reach us through this email.


Does TANSIM take a board seat?

We don’t take any board seat or any controlling power. You will be running your startup.

What format the funding is done?

This funding is not a grant. A percentage of equity is to be provided to TANSIM based on funding amount & valuation. In this regard, a Shareholder Agreement is to be executed by the startup and share certificates in the name of TANSIM.

What kind of startups do you fund?

We fund all types of startups from all verticals. Please note we focus only on startups and not on small businesses.

How are the applicants screened?

  1. The applications are screened on case-by-case
  2. The application will be taken on first come first basis
  3. The screening will be done by an expert committee
  4. The funding to selected startups will be done in two or more tranches

What is the objective of Tamil Nadu SC/ST fund?

The objective of Tamil Nadu SC/ST fund is to address the problem of non-inclusion entrepreneurs from SC/ST communities by investing in the startups founded by them.