S2G Buy Day
Startup to Government

‘S2G Buy Day’ (Startup to Government) is an unique model initiated by StartupTN with the objective of connecting startups and directly Government for direct procurement of products / services from the startups by the various Government departments.

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s2g buy day


In this exceptional model, the Government departments will publish their requirements in the format of a problem statements. The capable startups will be able to sell their innovative products / services as solutions to that particular problem statement.

Purchase amount

With regard to the above, Government departments and state public sector undertakings can make a purchase up to Rs 50 lakhs from Tamil Nadu based startups.

Organized By

S2G Buy Day is organized by two or three departments or PSUs every month with problem statements. The startups present their solutions and shortlisted ones are issued the orders.


Thus, S2G Buy Day gives priority to startups and relieves them from competing with bigger market players. It further eases the process of doing business with Government departments and PSUs.