Empowering women economically is imperative for an inclusive and progressive society

About Smart SHG

Smart SHG, known as ‘Thozhilanangu’, is an initiative by StartupTN towards inculcating the entrepreneurial culture among the women Self Help Groups (SHG).

The aim is to promote mass entrepreneurship among women from economically weaker sections.

  • Setting up infrastructure
  • Procurement
  • Outsourcing

The Concept

The concept proposes to work on hub and spoke model. The enterprises with successful track record and suitable resources will be the hub. Micro enterprises formed from SHGs will be the spokes connected to main hubs. The ‘hubs’ will directly procure from the ‘spokes’.

This above model involves any of the following:

  • Converting SHG members into entrepreneurs
  • Outsourcing orders to women SHG groups

StartupTN is coordinating the formation of Smart SHGs. StartupTN is coordinating the formation of Smart SHGs. It further follows up with the process of setting up infrastructure, procurement, outsourcing and related activities