Mentor community imparts entrepreneurs with invaluable insights

  • Identify the best-fit mentoring relationships
  • Based on individual needs, interests and preferences
  • Meet at a frequency that works for them


Mentors are an essential part of entrepreneurial ecosystem and by building meaningful mentoring relationships across the entrepreneurial networks find ways to learn the best practices.


StartupTN has launched an exclusive portal with the objective of building a database of mentors. The same enables a startup founder connect with a right mentor that can be beneficial both professionally and personally.

Knowledge Sharing

By sharing their experience and knowledge, mentors make a profound impact in the entrepreneurs’ performance.

  • Mentors are who have typically scaled their businesses across markets and play a pivotal role by offering guidance and feedback to earlier stage entrepreneurs
  • Mentees are early stage or growing startups who gain one-on-one access to the hard-won experience of the leading entrepreneurs
  • Help accelerate their journey from start-up to market leader
Startup Mentor

How does it work?

Mentoring process in the portal follows a simple structure

  • 1

    Mentors and mentees are onboarded after proper verification by the authorised person

  • 2

    Mentor – mentee matching happens based on the requirements the mentee and the domain expertise of the mentor

  • 3

    The meeting happens on a frequency as per the objectives /goals

  • 4
    Progress Tracking

    The progress is tracked by mentor and the mentee

  • 5
    Schedule Ends

    The program ends as per the schedule

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