Hackathons drive innovations and solutions to business problems and social issues
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A hackathon is typically a time-bound competitive event where participants collaborate in teams to build proofs of concept or minimum viable products for a specific pre-defined problem. It is a time bound event in which teams made up of both technical and business knowledge get together to collaborate intensively on projects.

The aim is to design, build and present a most innovative solution to a problem, and then pitch a final concept, prototype or presentation to the jury.

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Identifies Solutions

Identifies Solutions for Business Problems

Creates Remedies

Creates Remedies for Social Causes


Accelerates Innovation

Creates Startups

Creates Potential Startups

Hackathons find talent, enable innovation, enhance collaboration between teams and build entrepreneurship.

How it works?

Hackathons have some clear advantages over traditional innovation processes. They promote multidisciplinary collaboration and have shorter innovation cycles that are better suited to address fast-changing startup ecosystem.

The entire process of organising a hackathon, includes the following

  • Ideation
  • Promoting the event
  • Driving registrations
  • Creating solutions
  • Judging

Once we have decided to conduct a hackathon, the next steps include deciding whom we want to engage and how we want to engage.


Following is the basic format of our hackathon

Choose Theme

Choose hackathon’s theme and problem statement

Decide Schedule

Decide the timing and schedule of the event

Fix Venue

Fix the venue for the event based on its format

Identify Partners

Identify and associate with sponsors / partners

Finalise speakers

Finalise and fix the judges, speakers & mentors

Evaluation by Jury

Participants present the ideas for evaluation

Prize Distribution

Distribution of prizes to the winners

Follow up of the event is vital and our post-hackathon activities include building participants data, submissions, expert mentoring if required, feedback from attendees, blogs, etc.

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