StartupTN is building an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Tamil Nadu to global standards.

Startups play a significant role in solving our crucial problems with original and unique models. Further, they are proven source of fuel for innovation, job creation and ultimately to the economy.
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The vision is for Tamil Nadu to become one of the top 20 global Startup destinations by 2032, based on internationally recognized criteria, and to enable ground breaking innovative and wealth creating ventures while also establishing a supportive Startup ecosystem that emphasises distributed wealth creation, innovative job opportunities, triple bottom line accountability, investor trust, ethical and logical revenue models, and democratised equal growth opportunities for other nations to emulate.


  • To upscale Startups’ contribution towards the State’s GDP share.
  • Provide Startups in Tamil Nadu a conducive environment and seamless enablement throughout their journey.
  • Provide and support business expansion by creating access to both domestic and global markets.
  • Implement a robust system to integrate intellect minds and infrastructure, thereby attracting Investments for Tamil Nadu Startups.
  • Evolve with the market trends and upscale existing Startups into power brands with employment generation capacity and potential Startup investors.
  • Establishing Tamil Nadu as the premier State for intellectual talent pool for Startups.
  • Position Tamil Nadu as a model State in promoting equitable progress in the country and beyond.
  • To promote Startups towards sustainable business solutions through ESG framework.

We help an aspiring founder or an early stage entrepreneur to scale their vision into a thriving business.

We host events, investor meets, hackathons and many other flagship programs enabling founders adopt to an entrepreneurial mindset. We further support the startups of the state with mentoring, access to educational resources, enable market reach, investor connect and much more.

As the nodal startup agency of the state our reach extends throughout the state with particular focus on Tier II & Tier III regions, where the students and aspirants do not have access to the requisite opportunities, resources, and support. We also enormous emphasis on inclusiveness.

We are fostering a vibrant startup ecosystem in the state that will contribute towards Tamil Nadu’s goal of One Trillion Dollar economy.