A Journey Of A
Thousand Milestones Begins
With A Single Step

StartupTN aims to achieve an innovative ecosystem in the state by joining hands with every stakeholder and helping them take the first step towards scaling their growth.

Step Up

Our Ecosystem Portal

StartupTN’s ecosystem portal acts as a registry and repository of key information that serves as a tech spine, offering a one-stop solution for your Startup to thrive.

StartupTN ID

Time-bound StartupTN ID registration to avail the benefits.

Startup Schemes

Register online to avail all schemes that are in store for you.

Seed Grant

Apply for seed grant to kickstart your startup dream.


Connect with like minded people who are building the future.

Five Pillars of StartupTN

The vision of the StartupTN’s policy is governed by 5 core pillars to build a strong community and support system for entrepreneurs and investors, from across the globe.

Encourage entrepreneurship and innovations

Ensure channeling of adequate resources

Enable skill development and inclusive job creation

Extend support to social entrepreneurship

Establish global accessibility, connections and partnerships

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Our 7-Layer Value Spectrum

Startup TN’s value spectrum comprises 7 core layers envisioned to build a strong community and support system for entrepreneurs and investors, from across the globe.

Provide a platform where powerful minds come together to creating a rich and dense ecosystem

Help make stakeholders across the globe accessible for startups, with a click of a button

Collaborate with key startup communities to accelerate the impact

Issue equity-free seed grants for promising startup ideas, helping entrepreneurs to kick-start their business journey effectively

Create a conducive climate to ensure that skilled human resources are available for startups to hire

Design sector-specific schemes for startups from key sunrise sectors

Play a policy regulator + refresher role to support the Government by dynamically understanding the market needs

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Don’t think twice about unlocking opportunities to realize your startup’s true potential.