Tamil Angels

A broad network for Tamil diaspora contributing to our state’s economy through angel investments

Existing angel investors in the state are already playing a critical role in the early development and scaling up of startups based in Tamil Nadu by making a significant volume of angel funding.

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Fund raising

StartupTN is proceeding to raise funding by forming a network of Tamils HNIs based globally. Why does this matter? Because startups need multiple rounds of funding to scale, and future investment rounds will occur internationally.

Angel Investment

With the right angel investment at the right time, its contribution to the startup ecosystem and the economy as a whole will have an immense impact.

How it works?

StartupTN promotes and encourages globally based HNI Tamils to invest in Tamil Nadu startup ecosystem. We have an exclusive portal with the objective of aggregating and connecting investors with Tamil Nadu based startups.

  • The investment format is structured in a manner that’s friendly both to investors and startups. The system can work as syndicate / group with one angel investor as a lead.
  • It also encourages independent investors to invest directly into on their own discretion. Investors are onboarded in the portal based on their interest level and track record.
  • A lead investor serves as a link between a group of investors and the fund-raising startups. Primarily, the lead investor must also be an investor.
  • The lead investor has the responsibility of representing the interests of other investors who have invested in that particular deal.

Some of the attributes of a lead investor:

  • Prior experience in angel investment sector
  • Must be ready to invest time and be passionate to ensure the growth of the startup
  • Should have experience in legal and financial processes

Process of finding investors

The process of finding investors for funding is not an easy task

The entrepreneurs securing angel investments need a viable business idea and several other critical elements that can attract interest of angel investors. The basics an investor will look for: 


  • 1

    Is the business idea scalable?

  • 2

    Are the founders and their teams passionate?

  • 3

    Is the model unique?

  • 4
    Market size

    What is addressable market size & competition?

  • 5

    Proper exit strategy

The entrepreneurs can choose the apt syndicate with the lead or individual investors for investments. Similarly, the investors can select the syndicate or specific startups they want to invest in. An expert network of partners for mentoring, statutory services and due-diligence acts as part of the system. The model does not commit the Government or its agencies for co-investment or any other legally binding relationships.

By augmenting the existing domestic angel capital with global angel fund from high net-worth Tamil NRIs we can set our startup ecosystem for more successes in the future.

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