Along with financial backing venture capitalists are source of valuable guidance and business expertise.

TANFUND is Tamil Nadu’s first online platform of venture capital and private equity funds

  • This initiative by StartupTN is aggregates both Indian and global venture capital and private equity funds.
  • The funds can be thematic, sector-specific or stage-wise. This makes the platform more diverse and provides opportunities to startups of multiple categories to interact with various funds. However, StartupTN does not evaluate or conduct due-diligence.
  • In a number of critical areas, we provide active support including legal, tax and personnel matters, as making better decisions in these vital areas are significant as the business grows.


StartupTN also facilitates creating venture capital or private equity funds in the state. It includes supporting in the follwing

  • Financial
  • Human resources
  • Statutory registrations

We further sign MoUs with funds and enable investible deal flows to the fund.

TANFUND will be a single platform where the startups and growing businesses from Tamil Nadu can access multiple Venture Capital and Private Equity funds.


Apart from investing, obtaining venture capital financing, StartupTN provides a start-ups or growing businesses the following benefits:

  • Source of business expertise
  • Valuable connections and networking
  • Accelerates growth and greater success
  • Accessibility to additional capital

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