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Advantage Tamil Nadu

  • Tamil Nadu has a favourable tourism infrastructure, service and service delivery
  • The State has a dynamic and responsive tourism ecosystem, inclusive and sustainable tourism growth, leading to livelihood opportunities leveraging the people, vibrant living cultures, diverse natural locations, ancient traditions & history
  • Marketing Tech is gaining momentum due to financial subsidies and incentives, Investment Facilitation Cell, Investors Conclave, awards and recognition, delineation of roles and responsibilities, private sector participation framework, marketing support and Reach Industry Summit
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Marketing is one of the fundamentals of business, and its goal has always been to help enterprises understand and meaningfully communicate with their customers.

Customer experience has become the business imperative for enterprises looking to grow their revenue and obtain the greatest return on investment (RoI) with marketing expenditure. According to Gartner, 89% of companies reported that they expect to compete mainly on the basis of customer experience. At its core, MarTech helps businesses predict demand and conduct trend analysis to map the buyer persona and customer journey.
India is not far behind in the adoption of MarTech as marketers are constantly on the lookout for the right MarTech tools and technologies to decode customer data, create seamless solutions and increase RoI. As per the Mirum India MarTech Report 2021, the top verticals using MarTech are BFSI, retail, consumer durables, media, technology and automobiles.

The MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions) market is driven by various growth factors and dynamics. One key factor is the increasing globalisation and interconnectedness of businesses, leading to a growing demand for international conferences, trade shows and exhibitions. Additionally, the rise of corporate culture and the need for networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities have contributed to the expansion of the MICE market.

MICE events serve as effective platforms for companies to promote their products, services and brand image. Exhibitions and trade shows enable organisations to showcase their offerings to a targeted audience, generate leads and foster business partnerships. The MICE market provides companies with valuable marketing opportunities, contributing to brand visibility, customer engagement and market expansion.The major advantages of Tamil Nadu as an MICE hotspot are strong IT, healthcare, automobile and heavy engineering ecosystem, excellent connectivity and robust MICE infrastructure


Union Government

The Union Ministry of Tourism launched its campaign “Meet in India” from Khajuraho, which is one of the identified iconic tourist destinations of the country. Recognising India’s huge potential as an MICE destination, ‘Meet in India’ is the distinct sub-brand under ‘Incredible India’ to promote the country as an MICE destination.

State Government

Tamil Nadu Government’s Department of Tourism has identified ten tourism segments for development and promotion. They are Heritage & Pilgrimage Tourism, Coastal Tourism, Adventure Tourism, Eco & Wildlife Tourism, Medical and Wellness Tourism, MICE Tourism, Rural and Plantation Tourism, Caravan Tourism, Cultural Tourism and Culinary Tourism


The Marketing Technology Timeline chronicles significant developments in three categories: marketing channels, the tools marketers use to manage these channels and data available to marketers.

MarTech is an industry, in addition to being a variety of platforms or software.. Thousands of companies, large and small, offer a variety of marketing software solutions to aid marketers in their quest to identify potential buyers, close sales and provide customer service.

Tamil Nadu’s infrastructure resources are rich and termed as an advantage as it has three major sea ports (Chennai, Ennore and Thoothukudi) and 19 minor sea ports, The State’s rail network density is higher than the national average. It has four international airports (Chennai, Tiruchi, Madurai and Coimbatore) and two domestic airports (Salem and Thoothukudi). Eighty-five per cent of passenger traffic takes place in the State on its road network of 66,039 km.

The State Government is taking proactive measures in promoting MICE Tourism. A spectacular destination of ancient wisdom bestowed with the eternal grace of nature, Tamil Nadu is being promoted as an enchanting destination for holidaying in southern India and tourism is a major contributor to the state’s economy.

More than 2.5 crore domestic tourists and 18 lakhs foreign tourists visit the state every year. 30% of the international tourists visiting India also visit Tamil Nadu. The state has been able to maintain impressive tourist arrivals and offers a relatively secure environment for business and leisure. Consistency in policies and a business-friendly approach has helped the State Government to attract a good investment in tourism.

To enhance the MICE Sector and to appreciate its variety of attractions, the Government of Tamil Nadu has initiated a number of schemes and launched marketing campaigns. The advertisement campaign is designed to represent core strength of Tamil Nadu like its heritage, history, culture, spirituality and peace. Tamil Nadu has a strong industrial base, seaport and airports, star hotels, spas, stadium, ayurvedic centres and recreation facilities. It has wonderful amenities for MICE Tourism. It will attract large segments of Businessmen, Industrialists, Investors, Specialists, and Artists etc. to make Tamil Nadu as a hub for their national and international activities.

Chennai and Coimbatore are rising as popular conference centres. MICE tourists have a potential to become high spending tourists. Tamil Nadu Trade Promotion Organization has constructed a colossal convention centre with the state of art amenities in the extensive Chennai Trade centre campus. It is close to the International Airport. There are a few five-star hotels in close locality. Chennai Convention Centre in cool and green environ perfectly refreshes the mind and balancing blends it with the business while holding a conference or conducting an event. It provides an ideal setting for a meeting with friends or colleagues. Presence of good information technology, excellent connectivity, and good infrastructure are the major advantages for MICE Tourism.