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  • Sports Enthusiasm: Tamil Nadu has a passionate sports culture, with cricket, kabaddi and badminton being some of the most popular sports. This enthusiasm can provide a strong customer base and support for sports-related Startups.
  • Talent Pool: The State has produced many talented athletes across various sports. Startups can tap into this talent pool for coaching, mentoring, and even partnerships, creating a strong foundation for their businesses.
  • Large Population: Tamil Nadu has a substantial population, which means there is a vast potential customer base for sports and games Startups. Whether it is sports merchandise, fitness apps, or gaming platforms, there is a significant market to target.
  • Growth of E-Sports: E-sports has been on the rise globally, and Tamil Nadu is no exception. The State has witnessed a growing interest in competitive gaming and e-sports events, providing opportunities for Startups to develop gaming platforms, organise tournaments and offer coaching services.
  • Sports Infrastructure: Tamil Nadu has a reasonably good sports infrastructure, including stadiums and training facilities. Startups can partner with these facilities to offer specialised services, such as sports analytics, coaching and sports equipment.
  • Tourism: The State attracts tourists for various reasons, including sports events. Startups related to sports tourism can offer packages for fans to attend matches, explore sports history and engage in sports-related activities.
  • Education: Tamil Nadu has a strong education system, with internationally renowned institutions. Startups can collaborate with educational institutions to offer sports education, training programmes and scholarships.
  • Government Support: Depending on the nature of the Startup, there may be opportunities for government grants, subsidies, or partnerships to promote sports and games in Tamil Nadu.
  • Community Engagement: The State has a strong sense of community and social bonding. Startups can leverage this by organising community sports events, sports leagues and fitness programmes.
  • Technology Ecosystem: Tamil Nadu, especially in cities like Chennai, has a growing technology ecosystem. This can be advantageous for sports tech Startups that require technology development and support.
  • Cultural Heritage: Tamil Nadu has a rich cultural heritage and a vibrant tradition in sports and games. Startups can explore opportunities to revive and modernise traditional sports and games.
  • Franchise Opportunities: The State has seen the rise of franchise-based sports leagues in cricket and kabaddi. Startups can explore franchise opportunities or provide support services to these league
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The Sports and Gaming sector in the country has an ever growing patronage. India is a force to reckon with in major sports like cricket, hockey and tennis and new heroes are emerging in the country in badminton, athletics, boxing and archery. Cricket is followed as a religion here. The gaming industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the Indian economy. The country is one of the top five mobile gaming markets in the world. The penetration of low-cost smartphones and reliable 4G networks, inflow of domestic and foreign investment and snazzy marketing campaigns have together propelled the market value of the gaming industry to upwards of Rs 300 crore.

Tamil Nadu has a rich sporting culture and there are opportunities for innovative Startups to tap into this market. The Sports and Gaming industry in Tamil Nadu is a dynamic and thriving sector that encompasses a wide range of activities – from traditional sports and physical fitness to electronic sports (e-sports) and video gaming. Tamil Nadu has a rich history of sports and a growing interest in digital entertainment, making it a fertile ground for the development and expansion of these industries.

  • Traditional Sports Culture: Tamil Nadu has a deep-rooted culture of traditional sports, with games like kabaddi, jallikattu and vallamkali (boat racing) being integral to its heritage. These sports not only hold cultural significance but also provide opportunities for local communities to engage in physical activities and celebrations.
  • Cricket Craze: Cricket enjoys immense popularity in Tamil Nadu, which has a passionate fan base. The State has produced several cricketing legends and the Tamil Nadu Premier League (TNPL) has become a prominent T20 cricket tournament, further fueling interest in the sport.
  • E-Sports Emergence: E-sports is on the rise in Tamil Nadu with a growing number of enthusiasts and professional players. The State hosts e-sports tournaments and events, attracting gamers and spectators alike. This sector presents exciting opportunities for gaming Startups and e-sports organisations.
  • Fitness and Wellness: The fitness and wellness industry is witnessing growth in Tamil Nadu, driven by an increasing awareness of health and fitness. Gyms, yoga centres and fitness apps are gaining popularity as people prioritise their well-being.
  • Sports Tourism: Tamil Nadu’s picturesque landscapes, historic sites and sports events attract tourists interested in sports tourism. Visitors often participate in or witness sports activities while exploring Tamil Nadu’s culture and natural beauty. Tamil Nadu has been hosting many national and international tournaments in recent years, thanks to a vibrant sports infrastructure across the State.
  • Gaming Hub: Tamil Nadu, particularly Chennai, is home to a burgeoning gaming community. The city hosts gaming events, conventions and houses numerous game development studios contributing to the growth of the gaming industry.
  • Government Initiatives: The Government of Tamil Nadu has taken steps to promote Sports and Gaming. Initiatives include the development of sports infrastructure, financial support for athletes and encouragement for sports Startups and e-sports organisations.

The Sports and Gaming industry in Tamil Nadu is characterised by a rich mix of traditional sports, modern sporting activities and a growing interest in digital gaming and e-sports. With a passionate community of sports enthusiasts and a supportive environment, Tamil Nadu offers ample opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs looking to be part of this vibrant industry.


Union Government

  • Fit India Movement
  • Khelo India
  • Target Olympic Podium Scheme (TOPS)
  • The National Sports Development Fund (NSDF)
  • Schemes for the Sports Authority of India (SAI)
  • Mission Olympics 2024
  • Scheme for National Sports Awards
  • Scheme for Sports & Games for People with Disabilities
  • Portal for Sports Talent Search
  • Rajiv Gandhi Khel Abhiyan
  • National Centre of Sports Sciences and Research (NCSSR)

State Government

The Sports Development Authority of Tamil Nadu offers several schemes to identify and nurture sporting talent. They include the World Beaters Talent Spotting Scheme, Champions Development Scheme, SDAT Sports Scholarship Scheme and Scholarship for Elite Sportspersons.


  • National Sports University: The Imphal-based NSU has been established to promote sports education in the areas of sports sciences, sports technology, sports management and sports coaching.
  • Tamil Nadu Physical Education and Sports University: This exclusive university for sports functions with the objective of developing physical education and sports through innovative programmes in teaching, coaching, research and outreach activities.
  • Sports Hostel: The Sports Development Authority of Tamil Nadu runs 29 sports hostels across the State to nurture budding sportspersons. Each district has an integrated sports complex to identify and train sportspersons.
  • Sports Academies and Training Centres: Tamil Nadu has numerous sports academies and training centres, where athletes receive coaching and support to excel in various disciplines. These facilities contribute to talent development and offer potential partnerships for businesses in the sports industry.
  • Exotic Sports: Facilities exist in the State for exotic sports like scuba diving in Rameswaram; water surfing in Muttukadu and air adventure sports like hang gliding in Chennai.
  • Traditional Sports: Traditional sports events are mostly identified by their arenas. Jallikattu, for example, is synonymous with Alanganallur, though it is organised in different forms (eru thazhuvuthal, manju virattu) all over the State.