Multitasking: Myth or Reality

Sometime back I chanced upon an article about Gen Z kids’ ability on Multitasking. Not only kids, we all do it – text while in a meeting; chat on mobile while driving; watch TV while having dinner; surf mails while reading files.

It makes me ponder – Is it OK to multitask? Does it increase or decrease my productivity? Is multitasking makes me indispensable?

Opinion among the experts in this regard is widely divergent. There are theories that are both for and against multitasking. However, most researchers feel that the human brain can handle utmost two complicated tasks at a time and an additional third one will overwhelm the same.  

It’s easy to multitask if you are doing simple chores like – cooking, having dinner, watching TV, talking on phone or listening music. In these cases, switching one’s mind from one task to another does not require much effort. 

But keep in mind there is no such thing as multitasking when it comes to work, atleast when doing complicated tasks or those which require your singular attention. According to experts, what we call multitasking is really “task-switching”. Hence, the best option is to prioritize the tasks for the day and focus or work according to their relative significance. 

Multitasking is worth with its own benefits however on the other hand it’s detrimental impacts on our efficiency & health over-weigh those benefits. Nevertheless, we are all into this trap of busyness or overwork with an underlying thought “being busy is being important”. 

We believe multitasking is a badge of honour.