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DIGIIT has simplified super complex platformation by integrating 60+ applications required to build platformation business. You can simply subscribe to the platform based on your business model and operationalise it in a much shorter time. DIGIIT subscriptions are paired with proven operational frameworks, hand holding programmes, frameworks and strategies tailored to the needs of each business.



S.No Service/Product Market Price (Rs) Smart Card Price (Rs)
Subscription Deployment & Configuration
1 Unified Lostic Integrated Platform (Logistic) 1,20,000 1,20,000 One year free subscription for DIGIIT Business Platform.
50% off on one-time cost for deployment and configuration
2 Sales & Procurement Marketplace (Commerce) 1,20,000 1,20,000
3 Distributor Platform (Commerce) 1,20,000 1,20,000
4 D2C Platform (Commerce) 1,20,000 1,20,000
5 Mobility Platform (Like Uber, OLA) (Transportation/ Mobility) 1,20,000 1,20,000
6 Distributed Skill & Education Platform (like Naukri, Cloudera) (Education) 1,20,000 1,20,000
7 Custom Platform (like Paytm, TATA SuperApp) 1,20,000 1,20,000

Terms & Conditions

  • The subscription cost for the first year is waived for the StartupTN ecosystem. After one year, subscription will be charged at the market rate.
  • 50% off on one-time cost of deployment and configuration

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