About Company

Effortless has grouped all bookkeeping, banking and compliance in one place and removed the need for having sophisticated knowledge on accounting and compliance to do business. It helps to track all expenses, including expenses incurred by the founders from their personal savings accounts and credit cards. It offers real time insights, reports, alerts and notifications to enable them to thrive in business.


S.No Service/Product Effortless Price (Rs) Smart Card Price (Rs)
1 Effortless – platform, super accountants and bookkeeping services/Month

  • Accurate & realtime finance reports
  • Simple, secure and fast payment
  • Magically simple invoice
  • Manage relationship with your people
  • Track collections, saving 80% of effort to collect from customers Payables management
  • Stress-free compliance
  • Real time alerts & nudges Track expenses as you spend at ease
  • Super accountant
  • Tailor-made banking
10000/Month Free for first 6 months or free for 20 lakh transactions per annum After 6 months, Rs.2500/ per month onwards.