SaaS-based Workplace Team Engagement Platform

About Company

Offers Startups and business enterprises a SaaS-based Workplace Team Engagement Platform with their own branded mobile apps. This platform assists in building an engaging workplace culture by facilitating employees and team members to connect, engage and share knowledge, ideas, experiences and expertise.

Modules of the Platform

  • Team Collaboration (Discussion Board and Messaging System)
  • Learning and Development (Digital library of learning resources and skill courses)
  • Talent Recruitment (Hiring freshers for internships and full-time jobs)
  • Team Member Management (Manage the profiles of team members)


S.No Service/Product uLektz Learning Price (Rs) Smart Card Price (Rs)
1 Mobile app for hiring freshers/user/year 500 350
2 Mobile app for skills & jobs/user/year 500 300
3 Mobile app for member management/user /year 500 300